Habitat Housing is a design firm that transforms the way you live and work. Our elegant design methods positively shape the way you can enjoy your environment, whatever the project size. We understand that living is different for everybody, and no two people will live comfortably in the same world.

Our in depth knowledge and understanding of residential living and natural human comfort allows us to effortlessly evoke joy and a sense of ease in knowing that every item of a house is doing its job for you, regardless of whether you seek the adventurous domain of outdoor living, or the relief of cosy interior sanctuaries.

Our projects are built with and around the world we see. We create the perfect and most suitable designs to each landscape, recognising the subtleties that come with creating art on top of art. We go above and beyond to make sure that you have an unhindered understanding of what’s to come, utilising all that is available to paint a perfect picture of the final product you will be gifted. 

We strive to provide reliability and cost efficiency for our clients while simultaneously ensuring a standard of quality that is guaranteed to impress. Habitat Housing clients are all left with uniquely contrived reserves, incorporating the latest trends and technology coupled with the fundamentals of design to bring to life a place you will be proud to call home.